why hire a consultant?

Ever wish you could call (or email) someone you know and trust for marketing advice?

Maybe you are stuck and can’t figure out what to try.

Or you need someone from outside to look at your work and make sure you’ve thought of everything.

What if you could bounce some ideas off a marketing expert from outside your company?

With Joy Bennett Consulting, it is so easy to get a project off the ground to complete without much explanation or education. They do the research needed without me having to tell them, and their work is solid, backed by expertise and not guesses.

Jen Howland

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Click Medical

The number one result we saw working with Joy Bennett Consulting is that our division can be much more responsive now. Her team brings fresh ideas and creativity to the marketing pieces they produce for us (proposals, solicitation letters, one-page marketing pieces, etc.). And their turnaround time is fast without compromising quality. 

Kevin Kase

Philanthropy Officer, American Diabetes Association

Many business owners struggle to carve time out of their schedule (or any employee’s) for doing their marketing. It falls to the bottom of the priority list already full with other work. When they do think about marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options.

If this describes you, you are not alone.

Developing and deploying a robust marketing plan takes time and effort. You have to learn the business, create a strategy, find agencies and vendors to do the creating and designing and writing and building, manage those vendors through those projects, deploy it all, and then watch and see if it works.


We all have blind spots.

We are so familiar with our niche that our brains fill in the gaps.

Joy Bennett Consulting helps people just like this.

We give solo marketers and tiny teams instant access to over 40 years of expertise in branding, marketing, design, communication, and writing.

We love to help you fill out your back-of-the-napkin ideas into full-fledged strategies and campaigns. Our sweet spot is finding the most effective and efficient ways to get the most out of your resources.

We’ve been there, all excited about a grand vision, and then utterly deflated when we realize we lack the money or the team or the pieces to make that vision reality. We specialize in distilling all the possible options down to the 1 or 2 with the most potential and helping you get those done. We can help you map out the plans and then handle each unexpected challenge as it comes.

We like to think of ourselves as your very own marketing and communications dream team.

You can call us for advice, hire us to complete projects, or literally reserve regular time each week on our calendar to do YOUR marketing and communications work.