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Telling Timely Cincinnati Boychoir Stories

I don’t often get to tell a story that beautifully blends personal with business. My work with the Cincinnati Boychoir is one of those rare opportunities.


The Cincinnati Boychoir is a world-renowned choral institution founded in 1965. Originally part of the Cincinnati Public Schools, it became an independent entity in the 1970s. Today, the organization engages with more than 250 boys in grades 1-12 from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Joy’s son auditioned for the Cincinnati Boychoir in 2011 and worked his way through the program to sing with the most advanced choir, the Ambassadors. The Ambassadors maintain an aggressive rehearsal and performing schedule which generally includes 2 tours per season – a long weekend tour in the fall and a 1-3 week tour in the summer.

What the Choir Needed

Joy and her husband remained fairly incognito parents for those first few years. As they became more involved, the director discovered the kind of communications and marketing experience Joy had. He immediately invited her to apply for a newly created communications position with the choir. He saw what a huge asset her experience with the Boychoir would be to increasing its profile in the community and beyond.

Joy began managing the Cincinnati Boychoir’s marketing, communications, and PR at the beginning of their 2016-2017 season.


At the Cincinnati Boychoir, we have no end of great stories to tell, but our limited budget makes it difficult to get them all out there. We have also struggled to plan far enough in advance to get those stories out and covered by mainstream media.

Joy is a parent of one of our singers, knows the Boychoir intimately, and turns out she also has a good handle on the socials! With her serving as our communications manager, we were finally able to earn multiple stories in mainstream media. She delivered clear storytelling and consistent presence on all of our digital properties.

Dr. Christopher Eanes, Artistic Director and CEO, Cincinnati Boychoir

Over the course of three seasons, Joy created content and managed the choir’s social media, writing and publishing stories on the choir’s blog. She also assisted with seasonal pieces (like the printed choir program) and pitched and presented stories to local media. She led communications through a major rebrand in 2017. Her proudest successes include the mainstream media coverage of the choir’s 2017-2018 season in which they prepared for and toured in South Africa and Eswatini.

“She Brought My Website Into the 21st Century!”

John Slone has run a custom apparel and promotional item business since 2012. He enjoys the flexibility of running his own business after working for larger corporations earlier in his career. True Blue Apparel is growing steadily, thanks to his hands-on approach to serving customers and his intense attention to detail.

During family gatherings at the new year, John mentioned that he wanted to update his website as one of his goals. He hadn’t touched it since he started the business 7 years earlier, and he knew it was holding him back.

The Challenge

error 404 when visiting old true blue website on mobile

When John contacted us, we audited his site. It was barely functioning.

It didn’t load at all on mobile devices. In fact, the error message appeared to state that John didn’t have a website at all.

Only the most persistent desktop user would work through the Flash error. They had to download a Flash player, close the web browser, open it again, and then reload the True Blue site.

outdated poorly designed old True Blue apparel website

Once we loaded the website on our computer, we discovered a lot of issues:

  • Outdated design
  • Broken links
  • Didn’t convey John’s level of personal service

Our Solution

We spent some time asking John about his current customers and who he wanted to work with. His ideal customer is a local business with employees who need branded apparel to wear on the job. The kind of business can vary from office settings (where people prefer collared shirts, polos, and jackets) to manufacturing and repair (where people need coveralls, heavy coats, and hats).

We proposed a simple one-page site with a mobile-responsive design so his customers could simply tap the phone number to reach him. He selected new images – the kinds of items his ideal customers buy. His new copy tries to convey both his professionalism and that personal touch he provides each customer.

I needed help finding opportunities to work with companies and organizations, in need of custom apparel and promotional items. My outdated website wasn’t helping me at all. A family member recommended Joy Bennett Consulting, and the experience was great. Working through the process with her team forced me to evaluate and update my business, and it built stronger ties with my current customers. The best thing about working with Joy Bennett Consulting is the team’s willingness to stay after me to get things done, and how they did so in a diplomatic way. They are very professional, have high integrity, and provide sound insight into online media. Now I’m excited to refer customers to the site – it provides a strong image for my company! 

John Slone, True Blue Apparel

In our Client Showcase, we spotlight our clients and how we helped them reach their audience.

What Makes a Professional Resume and Cover Letter

When you decide it’s time to move up in your career, or you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed, one of the first things you need to do is revise and update your resume. But how do you do that? What goes into a resume and what belongs in the cover letter? What’s the difference, anyway?

As I explain to my clients, a resume is like a skeleton. It provides structure and hard facts about your experience, skills, and accomplishments. Usually, if you’ve done your resume well, you won’t need to change much when applying to different types of jobs.

The cover letter is like the body and clothes on a skeleton. It shows who you are as a person and sets you apart from the other candidates. You will most likely modify this letter for each job you apply to, because this letter allows you to showcase what makes you the best option for the specific responsibilities of the position.

two managers looking at a resume for a candidate
ID 120055809 © Fizkes |

When I work with a client on their resume and cover letter, I follow a process designed to help me draw out of them their unique experiences and skills that are valuable in a variety of contexts. You don’t have to hold a job titled “manager” to demonstrate that you’ve managed projects and people successfully. I also help you craft a letter that speaks directly to the hiring manager of the position you want.

Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. You send me your existing resume and at least one job description of a role you want.
  2. I review these and then we schedule a phone conversation in which I delve into your experience and draw out what I need to update your resume for the desired role.
  3. I work on your resume and cover letter and send drafts to you.
  4. Either via email or phone, we make any needed adjustments so that you are happy.
  5. I send you final versions in both PDF and text-only formats (some online applications require text-only, others allow you to upload a nicely-designed file, so I give you both).

My fee for this service is $200 for the resume and $100 per cover letter. Each additional cover letter or version of your resume is $75.

Ready to get started? Request a brief get-to-know-you call with me here.

Client Showcase: C-Suite Consulting Partners Group • Branding


The C-Suite Consulting Partners Group (CSC) is a newly-launched agency made up of former Procter & Gamble executives with recent experience leading other Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 corporations. They bring decades of experience and insights earned the hard way – in the trenches. The founder, Dick Bruder, requested our assistance branding this new agency.

Most intriguing about this challenge was capturing the shared P&G background of the consultants while also demonstrating the value of their current divergent and varied experiences. This team of professionals uses a common vocabulary that is unique to Procter & Gamble’s way of tackling problems. However, that vocabulary is unfamiliar to prospective clients outside of the Fortune 50 company. Bruder asked us to develop a visual identity that represents forward progress and depth of experience in a way that stands out from the usual “corporate” branding.


C-Suite Consulting Partners Group logoWe designed a contemporary logo that combines the C from C-Suite with a check mark swooping forward to communicate success and progress. In order to set the logo and color palette apart from other competitors, we selected colors far removed from staid and overused corporate blues and grays.

We worked closely with Dick and his senior partners to marry this visual identity with a carefully crafted agency voice. The results is a style that brings the experience of P&G to the challenges faced by today’s up-and-coming corporations. Together we built banners, icons, logo packs, presentation templates, and marketing collateral to help build the company’s digital reputation. We also worked together to plan a phased approach to building the agency’s website so that the first phase fit his budget while allowing for upgrades as the agency grows.

C-Suite Consulting How We Work

Client Testimonial

I launched a new consulting agency in 2018 and needed a strong brand and website to jumpstart our efforts to acquire new clients. We hired Joy Bennett Consulting to design our logo and build our first simple website. Their design work was very good and their turnaround time was quick. We appreciated how well they served us, providing creative suggestions and actively participating in our kickoff meeting. Our website and branding receive consistently positive reviews.  ~ Dick Bruder, Founder and Principal Partner

In our Client Showcase, we put the spotlight on our clients and how we help get their message out to their audience. Branding is an exciting exercise. It’s the stage of execution in which your ideas take on shapes and colors. But finding the right visuals to represent your vision can be challenging. That’s where we come in.

Client Showcase: Denver Modern • Branding

In our Client Showcase, we put the spotlight on our clients and how we help get their message out to their audience. Branding is an exciting exercise. It’s the stage of execution in which your ideas take on shapes and colors. But finding the right words to support a visual message can be challenging. That’s where we come in.

Messaging Challenge

The founders of Denver Modern were completing the branding for this new furniture and home goods brand. Their look and feel was fairly well defined, but they were struggling to develop the voice. They needed simple and clear words to articulate the brand’s unique aesthetic to the artists and designers they approached about partnering. They also needed to connect with their potential customers on an emotional level and lay out the guidelines needed for marketing Denver Modern.

Messaging Solution

The first step is asking questions about the style, inspiration, and vibe of this brand. We explored resources related to the brand so we could begin to grasp Denver Modern’s essence. Then we reviewed copy ideas drafted by the Denver Modern team, and began to distill them into what was most important. Once we had a sense of the voice, we created a short 2-page branding guide that the team can use for all future writing about Denver Modern.

Denver Modern branding sample

We needed a professional copywriter to help us craft a succinct message about our brand with the goal of connecting on an emotional level. Joy helped us distill our ideas and verbiage into the most important and effective messaging. She homed in on our tagline and created a document our team will use to describe our brand consistently. And, in the process, she did a great job communicating the timeline and deliverables.

~Lindsey Criswell, co-founder Denver Modern