hi, i’m joy, nice to meet you

Joy in this Journey is a blog about life and faith when all we have is pain and questions with no answers. I write about grief and loss, doubt and questions about theology, parenting, women’s issues, worship, and the Bible.

image credit Kelly Sauer 2013

image credit Kelly Sauer 2013

My name is Joy, and I’m a writer. I’ve have been writing since the second grade, when I first learned how to put words into sentences. It has always been the best (and sometimes the only) way for me to express myself.

I started this blog in 2005 when I realized writing in a place where someone else could read it would help me work through all the ways life had blindsided me.

I have four children, three living. We’ve handed more than one of them over to heart surgeons more than a few times. In 2008, we laid our oldest to rest in a cemetery just a few miles from our home. By some miracle, my husband and I have managed to stay together through all of the heartache, fear, depression, and change.

That’s the Cliffs Notes version, and it doesn’t cover any of the heartache, agony, fear, anger, bitterness, and desperation of those years.

Even though I grew up in a Christian home, graduated from Christian college, and spent my entire life attending church, I am not one of those Christians who sails through stuff like this (maybe they’re like unicorns, because I’ve never met one either). Some days, to be perfectly frank, the best I can manage is hopeful agnosticism. Working through all of that is what this blog is about.

And now for a disclaimer to protect the ones I care about:  The views expressed here are solely my own, are a work in process, will change over time, and do not reflect the views of any specific person (husband, kids, friends) or entity (employer, church, school) associated with me.


I am  a writer, not only of this personal blog, but also for a living. Most recently, I served Feed the Children as their Director of Social Engagement, managing both their social media strategy and a team of talented writers (Check out the blog I launched).

I have 17+ years of professional writing experience, giving me opportunities to speak and present at conferences, travel with World Vision to observe their work and write about it (I went to Bolivia in 2011 and to Sri Lanka in 2012), and see my pieces printed in magazines, The Guardian, The Huffington Post (as a ghostwriter for the Feed the Children CEO), and trade journals.