I don’t often get to tell a story that beautifully blends personal with business. My work with the Cincinnati Boychoir is one of those rare opportunities.


The Cincinnati Boychoir is a world-renowned choral institution founded in 1965. Originally part of the Cincinnati Public Schools, it became an independent entity in the 1970s. Today, the organization engages with more than 250 boys in grades 1-12 from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Joy’s son auditioned for the Cincinnati Boychoir in 2011 and worked his way through the program to sing with the most advanced choir, the Ambassadors. The Ambassadors maintain an aggressive rehearsal and performing schedule which generally includes 2 tours per season – a long weekend tour in the fall and a 1-3 week tour in the summer.

What the Choir Needed

Joy and her husband remained fairly incognito parents for those first few years. As they became more involved, the director discovered the kind of communications and marketing experience Joy had. He immediately invited her to apply for a newly created communications position with the choir. He saw what a huge asset her experience with the Boychoir would be to increasing its profile in the community and beyond.

Joy began managing the Cincinnati Boychoir’s marketing, communications, and PR at the beginning of their 2016-2017 season.


At the Cincinnati Boychoir, we have no end of great stories to tell, but our limited budget makes it difficult to get them all out there. We have also struggled to plan far enough in advance to get those stories out and covered by mainstream media.

Joy is a parent of one of our singers, knows the Boychoir intimately, and turns out she also has a good handle on the socials! With her serving as our communications manager, we were finally able to earn multiple stories in mainstream media. She delivered clear storytelling and consistent presence on all of our digital properties.

Dr. Christopher Eanes, Artistic Director and CEO, Cincinnati Boychoir

Over the course of three seasons, Joy created content and managed the choir’s social media, writing and publishing stories on the choir’s blog. She also assisted with seasonal pieces (like the printed choir program) and pitched and presented stories to local media. She led communications through a major rebrand in 2017. Her proudest successes include the mainstream media coverage of the choir’s 2017-2018 season in which they prepared for and toured in South Africa and Eswatini.