John Slone has run a custom apparel and promotional item business since 2012. He enjoys the flexibility of running his own business after working for larger corporations earlier in his career. True Blue Apparel is growing steadily, thanks to his hands-on approach to serving customers and his intense attention to detail.

During family gatherings at the new year, John mentioned that he wanted to update his website as one of his goals. He hadn’t touched it since he started the business 7 years earlier, and he knew it was holding him back.

The Challenge

error 404 when visiting old true blue website on mobile

When John contacted us, we audited his site. It was barely functioning.

It didn’t load at all on mobile devices. In fact, the error message appeared to state that John didn’t have a website at all.

Only the most persistent desktop user would work through the Flash error. They had to download a Flash player, close the web browser, open it again, and then reload the True Blue site.

outdated poorly designed old True Blue apparel website

Once we loaded the website on our computer, we discovered a lot of issues:

  • Outdated design
  • Broken links
  • Didn’t convey John’s level of personal service

Our Solution

We spent some time asking John about his current customers and who he wanted to work with. His ideal customer is a local business with employees who need branded apparel to wear on the job. The kind of business can vary from office settings (where people prefer collared shirts, polos, and jackets) to manufacturing and repair (where people need coveralls, heavy coats, and hats).

We proposed a simple one-page site with a mobile-responsive design so his customers could simply tap the phone number to reach him. He selected new images – the kinds of items his ideal customers buy. His new copy tries to convey both his professionalism and that personal touch he provides each customer.

I needed help finding opportunities to work with companies and organizations, in need of custom apparel and promotional items. My outdated website wasn’t helping me at all. A family member recommended Joy Bennett Consulting, and the experience was great. Working through the process with her team forced me to evaluate and update my business, and it built stronger ties with my current customers. The best thing about working with Joy Bennett Consulting is the team’s willingness to stay after me to get things done, and how they did so in a diplomatic way. They are very professional, have high integrity, and provide sound insight into online media. Now I’m excited to refer customers to the site – it provides a strong image for my company! 

John Slone, True Blue Apparel

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