When you decide it’s time to move up in your career, or you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed, one of the first things you need to do is revise and update your resume. But how do you do that? What goes into a resume and what belongs in the cover letter? What’s the difference, anyway?

As I explain to my clients, a resume is like a skeleton. It provides structure and hard facts about your experience, skills, and accomplishments. Usually, if you’ve done your resume well, you won’t need to change much when applying to different types of jobs.

The cover letter is like the body and clothes on a skeleton. It shows who you are as a person and sets you apart from the other candidates. You will most likely modify this letter for each job you apply to, because this letter allows you to showcase what makes you the best option for the specific responsibilities of the position.

two managers looking at a resume for a candidate
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When I work with a client on their resume and cover letter, I follow a process designed to help me draw out of them their unique experiences and skills that are valuable in a variety of contexts. You don’t have to hold a job titled “manager” to demonstrate that you’ve managed projects and people successfully. I also help you craft a letter that speaks directly to the hiring manager of the position you want.

Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. You send me your existing resume and at least one job description of a role you want.
  2. I review these and then we schedule a phone conversation in which I delve into your experience and draw out what I need to update your resume for the desired role.
  3. I work on your resume and cover letter and send drafts to you.
  4. Either via email or phone, we make any needed adjustments so that you are happy.
  5. I send you final versions in both PDF and text-only formats (some online applications require text-only, others allow you to upload a nicely-designed file, so I give you both).

My fee for this service is $200 for the resume and $100 per cover letter. Each additional cover letter or version of your resume is $75.

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