The C-Suite Consulting Partners Group (CSC) is a newly-launched agency made up of former Procter & Gamble executives with recent experience leading other Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 corporations. They bring decades of experience and insights earned the hard way – in the trenches. The founder, Dick Bruder, requested our assistance branding this new agency.

Most intriguing about this challenge was capturing the shared P&G background of the consultants while also demonstrating the value of their current divergent and varied experiences. This team of professionals uses a common vocabulary that is unique to Procter & Gamble’s way of tackling problems. However, that vocabulary is unfamiliar to prospective clients outside of the Fortune 50 company. Bruder asked us to develop a visual identity that represents forward progress and depth of experience in a way that stands out from the usual “corporate” branding.


C-Suite Consulting Partners Group logoWe designed a contemporary logo that combines the C from C-Suite with a check mark swooping forward to communicate success and progress. In order to set the logo and color palette apart from other competitors, we selected colors far removed from staid and overused corporate blues and grays.

We worked closely with Dick and his senior partners to marry this visual identity with a carefully crafted agency voice. The results is a style that brings the experience of P&G to the challenges faced by today’s up-and-coming corporations. Together we built banners, icons, logo packs, presentation templates, and marketing collateral to help build the company’s digital reputation. We also worked together to plan a phased approach to building the agency’s website so that the first phase fit his budget while allowing for upgrades as the agency grows.

C-Suite Consulting How We Work

Client Testimonial

I launched a new consulting agency in 2018 and needed a strong brand and website to jumpstart our efforts to acquire new clients. We hired Joy Bennett Consulting to design our logo and build our first simple website. Their design work was very good and their turnaround time was quick. We appreciated how well they served us, providing creative suggestions and actively participating in our kickoff meeting. Our website and branding receive consistently positive reviews.  ~ Dick Bruder, Founder and Principal Partner

In our Client Showcase, we put the spotlight on our clients and how we help get their message out to their audience. Branding is an exciting exercise. It’s the stage of execution in which your ideas take on shapes and colors. But finding the right visuals to represent your vision can be challenging. That’s where we come in.