In our Client Showcase, we put the spotlight on our clients and how we help get their message out to their audience. Branding is an exciting exercise. It’s the stage of execution in which your ideas take on shapes and colors. But finding the right words to support a visual message can be challenging. That’s where we come in.

Messaging Challenge

The founders of Denver Modern were completing the branding for this new furniture and home goods brand. Their look and feel was fairly well defined, but they were struggling to develop the voice. They needed simple and clear words to articulate the brand’s unique aesthetic to the artists and designers they approached about partnering. They also needed to connect with their potential customers on an emotional level and lay out the guidelines needed for marketing Denver Modern.

Messaging Solution

The first step is asking questions about the style, inspiration, and vibe of this brand. We explored resources related to the brand so we could begin to grasp Denver Modern’s essence. Then we reviewed copy ideas drafted by the Denver Modern team, and began to distill them into what was most important. Once we had a sense of the voice, we created a short 2-page branding guide that the team can use for all future writing about Denver Modern.

Denver Modern branding sample

We needed a professional copywriter to help us craft a succinct message about our brand with the goal of connecting on an emotional level. Joy helped us distill our ideas and verbiage into the most important and effective messaging. She homed in on our tagline and created a document our team will use to describe our brand consistently. And, in the process, she did a great job communicating the timeline and deliverables.

~Lindsey Criswell, co-founder Denver Modern